Calligraphy and Fonts

Consistency is a one of the top fundamentals in web design. More than making a good first impression, you need to establish and maintain its consistency. One way it can be ensured is through using not just the right calligraphy styles, but also avoiding the usage of too many fonts.

We all love to use different type faces and ideas, but don’t over do it, it will pay off in the long run!

Keep Your Website Consistent

To establish and maintain the consistency of a website, you need to be consistent in using elements in every page. Elements include the layout, sizes, colors, fonts, and even its placement. All elements used in creating a web page need to flow well. A good way you can achieve that consistency is by using the same colors, layout structure and fonts.

Consistency does not necessarily mean a boring website. It simply means that the parts users interact with appear in similar places throughout the site and are implemented without being overused.  A website that is consistent is the key to ensuring a great consumer experience by making navigation easy for them. Consistency also means using a similar set of fonts and not overloading your website with different calligraphy styles. So to keep your website consistent, make sure to limit your font usage two family font groups only.

Do Not Overload Your Website with Too Many Fonts

Fonts are one of the most important elements in web design. That is why they must be chosen and used very well. Make sure they are readable!.  We often like a font for it’s style and form, but it may be only you can can quickly read your message when written using that font – just remember that ! You also need to choose a font that perfectly matches to your chosen text color and background color, but more than that, you need to practice discipline when using fonts.

Remember the principle of consistency. Sure, it is fun to sprinkle your website with texts in different calligraphy styles. You may even reason that variety is good and will make your website more interesting. But, the truth is that, it will deliver a different result.

Have a look at this logo.  It is an interesting font, but looking at it too long is going to make you feel dizzy – just don’t go there.

Highlight Logo

Overloading your website with too many fonts will affect the image of credibility and professionalism you are trying to project. So, it is better to stick to using a maximum of 2 to 3 fonts that complement to your chosen color and your brand. Using too many fonts will also only make your web design look cluttered and result to confusing your visitors. Aside from causing confusion, seeing too many fonts on your site may make it hard for visitors to focus on any content laid out on the page.

To conclude, fonts are one effective way to grab visitor’s attention as soon as they enter your website. Drawing such effect is important especially if you are showcasing important information or events. On the other hand, the fonts you use can also lead to some negative effects and issues. Therefore, it is truly best to focus on maintaining a single design not just on each page, but throughout your entire website. Considering the elements you plan on using is a good way to start.

If you want a bit of further reader have a look here, it probably defines some of my thoughts a little further –

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  1. Ha, like this. So many people out there just going for soothing that appeals to them and forget that others may find the text difficult to read!

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