Internet Marketing – a starting point

I guess the reason I have created this blog/site is to enable me to track my internet marketing thoughts, the progression of ideas and collate things that I like, together in one place.  It is certainly not a definitive list, these are my own thoughts, so they may be a bit random, but we can be sometimes surely ?

The world of marketing carries across all types of media in a way that I think is often eclectic!  Marketing and images in general are subjective – they appeal to different people in different ways – is there a pattern or a format that we can use to appeal to the masses?

This is a question that often runs around my head, but the simple truth is that with the onset of the internet, we suddenly have a cost effective and simple way to split up lots of marketing ideas and images in to silos and run them side by side.  It is so easy to run three different adverts, which different images and slogans, but all directing back to the same product.  We can then analyse the response and adjust accordingly – something that was much more difficult in the printed media forms I was brought up on.

I guess as we move further in to an internet driven world, maybe we will change our thinking completely and call it digital marketing.  This for me, as a term, probably clarifies things in my mind – it relates to anything that is presented to the end viewer from a digital device – your fridge, TV, mobile for example.

Obviously as soon as we embrace that as a term, then the whole marketing world is turned on its head!  We need to think about every different scenario – will what we show on the fridge door of our internet connected fridge, be the same as what we show someone when they start browsing the internet – no of course not!

Digital marketing starts leading me to thoughts about Big Data, and how the Internet of Things will truly affect the way we reach out to consumers.  No longer will we be making broad brush stroke advertising campaigns, but tailoring them to the device, location and requirement of a customer.  The fridge will tell you what you need to know about products that it can store, your mobile will tell you about services and products that are near to you and your TV will tell you on a grander scale the things you really must have, but don’t already.

The more data that is stored on you, your purchasing habits, likes and dislikes, the closer the marketer can get to suggesting things you may like to purchase, before you have even thought of them – maybe this is the holy grail?

I am asking myself, how to I start to adopt, adapt and get ready for this changing market place – it is certainly a learning curve, I am willing to run with.

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